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Strike Fit Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

Strike Fit Carbon Fiber Shin Guards

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The Strike Fit carbon fiber shin guards are worn (and loved) by top football players all over the World. With a sleek and innovative design, our shin guards are designed to look good and feel even better on your shins. Weighing in at next to nothing, it's like you're not wearing a thing. But don't worry, we guarantee you superior protection over your traditional plastic shin guards. Lets find out why...

Carbon Fiber Front Shell

Carbon fiber is used to provide the ultimate protection for our players. The Strike Fit carbon fiber shin guards front shell is made from 100% carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is high in strength (22x as strong as plastic) and will withstand the impact from all challenges in a football match.

Along with its strength, carbon fiber provides excellent force dispersion which is paramount in a contact sport like football. 


Ergonomic EVA Foam Backing and Carrying Case


Our carbon fiber shin guards are reinforced by an EVA foam backing to provide a second line of defense behind the carbon fiber front shell. It is designed to provide additional shock absorption and ultimately further protection for our players. As you can see, we don't take protection lightly.

The shape of the shin guard molds perfectly to the contour of your shins allowing a streamline fit for maximum player comfort. The custom foam padding is thoughtfully designed to ensure efficient sweat dispersion and odor control. I'm sure you know how bad regular shin guards can smell after a 90-minute match. Don't remind us.


Superior Player Safety & Protection

Protection is at the forefront of the Strike Fit carbon fiber shin guards . It is imperative that our players are protected with the best at all times during their football careers. 

Carbon fiber provides superior protection comparative to traditional plastic shin guards. Unlike plastic, carbon fiber possesses high strength, high impact resistance and excellent force dispersion. All of which reduce the likelihood of sustaining an injury to the shins during a soccer game.

Above all, player protection, safety and longevity are the number one priorities for our customers (players) at Strike Fit Warehouse. 

Lightweight Shin Guards

Extreme Lightweight & Comfort

Our Strike Fit carbon fiber shin guards allow players to compete for the full 90 minutes without the burden of traditional plastic shin guards weighing them down.

But don't get it twisted - their light weight is not a substitute for their strength. Our shin guards provide premium protection and comfort all in one. Speed is vital in football – our shin guards will not hold you back.

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